TYROCHAIR is the latest upcycling trend grabbing eyeballs in the furniture industry. Worn-out tyres add to the stack of waste posing a great threat to the environment. In the present scenario, waste management & disposal is one of the upcoming challenges which remain unaddressed with respect to the scale of its growth.

Decomposition or accidental fires of the illegally dumped tyres can pollute the water, air and soil. Thrown away tyres are a hazardous waste contaminating the soil and posing a great risk to human health.

According to a recent article in the noted newspaper the Hindu, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has come up with the new Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 with distinct responsibilities assigned to different classes of consumers.” Environment Minister P. Javadekar in a recent article said that 62 million tonnes of waste a year is not fully collected or treated. This waste will go up to some 165 million tonnes by 2030.” (Source: The Hindu)

Primarily because of following reasons:

  • Limited options for recycling/ reusing / Upcycling
  • Lack of awareness on recycling/ Upcycling methods
  • No prominent facilitators available even though conscious citizens willing to upcycle

Lack of awareness and careless attitude of people towards waste is leading to serious repercussions. This issue needs to be catered immediately using the innovative practices like upcycling. The practice of “Upcycling” transforms waste materials into products of greater value providing the appropriate solution to a daunting problem. Welava Design aims to offer functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture design products leveraging the upcycling process. The passion to drive innovation in our product range got us featured in January, 2016. (Source: Deccan Herald).tyrochair3tyrochair2tyrochair1


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